This is an exhaustive list of pieces that I’ve published: poems, short stories, essays, as well as an academic paper on a subfield of quantum physics.

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[thesis] Teleportation of a Tripartite Entangled Coherent State, Amity University (Jul 2014)

[paper] Shivani A. Kumar and Vasudha Pande, Branching of Measurement Results for Swapping between Two Nonorthogonal Entangled Coherent States, World Journal of Science and Technology Research 1, 110 (Aug 2013)

[thesis] Methane Gas Detection using a Thin Film SnO2 Sensor, University of Delhi (Jun 2010)


[Blog] The Abandoned Indian Farmer, Honest Farmer (Aug 2017)

[Blog] What It Takes to Transform a Village, Honest Farmer (May 2017)

[Website] Honest Farmer

[Blog] 7 Must-Attend Sessions at the Industry of Things World USA 2017, Altizon Systems (Feb 2017)


[poetry] the part you overlooked, The Nilgiri Wagon (Jul 2017)

[poetry] but none for us, The Nilgiri Wagon (Jul 2017)

[poetry] freedom, i cry., The Nilgiri Wagon (Jan 2017)

[poetry] drip painting, The Nilgiri Wagon (Jan 2017)

[poetry] everyone thinks they used to be happier, The Nilgiri Wagon (Jan 2017)

[photo novel] Take a Bow, MICA Ahmedabad (Jul 2016)

[poetry] paper boats, The Nilgiri Wagon (Apr 2016)

[poetry] What I’ll Wear to Your Funeral, The Nilgiri Wagon (Apr 2016)

[poetry] you look at your city, The Nilgiri Wagon (Apr 2016)

[poetry] inspiration, The Nilgiri Wagon (Apr 2016)

[fiction] Motionnether/fortnight 5, 10 (Jan 2011)

[fiction] Noisenether/fortnight 5, 10 (Jan 2011)

[fiction] The BootsDark Fountain Journal 1, 14 (Oct 2010)

[fiction] Unrequited LoveSix Sentences (Sep 2010)

[fiction] One More Minute, Is Greater Than (Jun 2010)

[nonfiction] A Million Delhis, Outlook Delhi City Limits Vol. 4, Issue 7, 4 (Jul 2008)

[nonfiction] The Last HourPublio 3, 32 (2008)

[poetry] The OrbWords from Across the World (Scot Books), p.212 (2006)

[poetry] Willy’s Love SongWords from Across the World (Scot Books), p.212 (2006)

[poetry] I Am DustWords from Across the World (Scot Books), p.211 (2006)

[nonfiction] On StarsWords from Across the World (Scot Books), p.211 (2006)

[nonfiction] “Not People Like Us”: A Citizen’s Dilemma, Citizens for Peace (Indian Express Group), p.22 (2006)

[fiction] The Wise Man, Dent Publishing (2005)

[poetry] Willy’s Love Song, Expatriate Literary Circle (2005)

[fiction] Untitled, ngage, Times of India Vol. 1, Issue 18, 15 (2004)

[nonfiction] Why I Hate School, West Side Plus, Times of India (Mumbai) Vol. 5, Issue 3, 2 (Mar 2004)