“I visited her fifth-floor apartment on Barrow Street one day in 1957. There before my very eyes were her two husbands disappointed by the eggs. After that we talked and talked for nearly forty years. Then she died. Three days before that, she said slowly, with the delicacy of an unsatisfied person with only a dozen words left, Grace, the real question is – how are we to live our lives?”

– Grace Paley

For many years now, I’ve been living mine trying to collect answers to that question. The search has led me to many places, pursuits, and identities

I build products & narratives for money. I make conversation and brew tea for pleasure

In what now feels like another lifetime, I did research in quantum physics. I left physics many years ago, but still hunt for things that can inspire awe or reduce me to silence. So I move in the direction of maximum magic – it’s a heuristic that has served me well over the years

Always available for leisurely conversations and collaborations, I can be reached at vasudhapande [at] gmail [dot] com


You can read my blog here

  • Observations make their way to it occasionally, as journal entries – sometimes as poetry, sometimes as prose
  • I’m known to talk at length about strong opinions – some of them get documented online
  • Occasional responses to other people’s words also get documented

I read a lot (and keep a list about it online). I like keeping lists. Like this one of videos I’ve seen & liked so far. I write a lot in my spare time – got published some too – these days, though, it’s mostly fleeting thoughts & spontaneous poetry on Twitter